KA-NUCLEO-F411CE is a development board equipped with standard Arduino UNO connectors. Board is based on microcontroller STM32F411CE. The embedded programmer (compatible with ST-Link/V2-1) makes possible programming and debugging of microcontroller via USB connector.

KA-NUCLEO-F411 modul.png
Basic features and parameters
  • Microcontroller STM32F411CE (ARM Cortex-M4, 512kB Flash memory)
  • Embedded programmer / debugger compatible with ST-Link/V2-1
  • Connectors compatible with Arduino standard
  • MicroUSB connector for power supply input and programming
  • Possibility of power via DC connector (5.5 x 2.1) by voltage in range 7 … 15V
  • Protection against reverse voltage polarity
  • Possibility of power via USB connector
  • On-board RGB LED and user LED
  • On-board microcontroller reset-button and user push-button
  • USB connector protected against electrostatic discharge
  • Possibility of expanding the functionality by using additional shields
  • Mounting holes with diameter 3 mm
  • Module size: 69mm x 55mm x 14mm
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and tested module
Electrical schematics
KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat p1.png
KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat p2.png
Microcontroller STM32F411CEU6

The board based on 32-bit microcontroller STM32F411CEU6 from STMicroelectronics in UFQFPN48 package. Chip has 512kB embedded Flash memory, 128kB RAM and can be running with frequency at 100 MHz. Microcontrollers GPIO lines are available on extension pin headers with Arduino UNO standard.


Microcontrollers pins: PA0(A0), PA4(A2), PA5(D13) and PB5(D4) don’t be a 5V tolerant pins. They shouldn’t be supply with voltage exceeding 3.3V

KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat mikrokontroler.png
Power supply

KA-NUCLEO-F411CE board can be supply via both USB connector and external power supplier with connector 5.5 x 2.1. The board has embedded protection circuit against reverse voltage polarity.

KA-NUCLEO-F411 obrys PCB PWR.png

KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat PWR.png
USB communication

On board programmer compatible with ST-Link/V2-1 make possible programming and debugging of STM32F411CEU6 microcontroller. State of programmer is signalling by the bicolour LED D3 – correct connecting of programmer to PC is signalling by constant red colour of LED, communication between programmer and microcontroller by blinking red and green LEDs and orange LED colour indicates communication error.

KA-NUCLEO-F411 obrys PCB USB.png

KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat USB.png
User LED and RGB LED
KA-NUCLEO-F411CE board is equipped with two user LED – L3 LED (connected to D13 microcontrollers pin) and tricolour LED (with cathode connected to pins PB13…PB15 of microcontroller); both LEDs can be control by user program.
KA-NUCLEO-F411 obrys PCB LED.jpg

KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat LED.png

USB Host connector

Embedded microUSB connector on KA-NUCLEO-F411CE board is with microcontroller connected. That make possible to used microcontroller as USB Full Speed device.

KA-NUCLEO-F411 obrys złącza otg.png

KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat złącza otg.png
User push-button

On KA-NUCLEO-F411CE board is placed user push-button connected to PB12 pin.

KA-NUCLEO-F411 obrys switch.png

KA-NUCLEO-F411 schemat switch.png


That's how it was created KA-NUCLEO-F411CE board

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