KAmodBAR-I2C is a module based on pressure sensor MPL115A2 from Freescale. It makes possible to measurement pressure in range 50 to 115 kPa

Kamodbar skos 1.jpg
Basic features
  • Pressure sensor MPL115A2 from Freescale
  • Pressure measurement in range from 50 to 115kPa
  • Accuracy 1 kPa
  • Power supply voltage 2.375 do 5.5V
  • I2C interface
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled module board
Kamodbar sch.png
View of board
Kamodbar pcb.png
I2C interface

MPL115A2 chip is equipped with I2C interface available on Con3, Con4 i Con5. Con4 i Con5 connectors are compatible with Kamami development board standard (e.g. ZL5PIC, ZL15AVR, ZL27ARM, ZL29ARM, ZL30ARM, STM32Butterfly2). To connect module to the boards can be used CAB_HU04-30 cable.

Kamodbar conn.png
Cab hu04.jpg
Module configuration

Con6 connector makes possible to enable MPL115A2 chip or to block I2C interface. To enable MPL115A2 should be connect SHDN to GND (by putting on a jumper on pins 3 i 4 Con6 or connecting to the microcontroller and setting low state). To block I2C interface should be connect to pin CS_RES voltage from VCC (by putting on a jumper on pins 1 i 2 Con6 or connecting to the microcontroller and setting high state).

Kamodbar conf.png