KAmodBT-HC05 is a configurable (by using AT commands) Bluetooth module. Module has integrated LEDs, which signal work mode and connection state with device. Thanks to the small sizes and embedded translator of levels on TxD / RxD lines, module can be used in a lot of development projects.

KAmodBT-HC05 modul.png
Basic features and parameters
  • HC-05 module with integrated antenna, complies with Bluetooth v2.0 specification
  • UART interface with programmable data transfer speed (baudrate)
  • Typical receiver sensitivity: -80dBm
  • Up to +4dBm RF transmit power
  • Embedded voltage regulator
  • Possibility of power supply with voltage in range: 2.1V…5.5V
  • Embedded voltage level translator on UART lines (TxD, RxD)
  • Embedded LED work mode (MODE) and pairing state (PAR)
  • Embedded button (running configuration mode)
  • KEY and nRST signals on connector
  • Sizes: 34.2mm x 27mm x 5mm
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and launched module
  • Male pin connector (easy to soldering)
Electrical schematic
KAmodBT-HC05 schemat.png
Output description
KAmodBT-HC05 obrys PCB.png
JP1 Function
+3,3V Module power supply
RxD Receiver UART line (with voltage level translator)
TxD Transmitter UART line (with voltage level translator)
nRST Device reset (enabled with low state)
KEY Button for changing work mode (maximum voltage on line: 3.6V)

KAmodBT-HC05 module was equipped with LEDs to signalling work mode and connection state with device. By default module settings, green MODE led signals visibility mode (blinking 5 times per second), configuration mode (blinking every 2s) and active mode (double blink every 2s). PAR LED (red) is ON, when communication with device is active.

KAmodBT-HC05 diody.png
Work mode button

KAmodBT-HC05 module was equipped with button for changing work mode - short holding in power supply enabled moment (or by reset) allow to run configuration mode of module (with using AT commands). Parallel with button is connected also KEY line - setting on this line HIGH signal (maximum 3.6V) allow to control work mode from e.g. microcontroller level. This line is pulled down with resistor 10kΩ.

KAmodBT-HC05 przycisk.png
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