KAmodLSM303C is a module with the MEMS LSM303C chip from STMicroelectronics. The chip has a digital signal output (I2C or SPI bus) and allows measurement of accelerations and magnetic field values in three axes. Thanks to the programmable interrupt generator outputs, it is possible to wake up the microcontroller after detecting free fall or object movement. The board is equipped with a Pmod I2C standard connector and a KAMAMI connector, allowing easy attachment of the module to development kits. Due to its small dimensions, the product can be used in many development projects, while the Pmod through connector allows the boards to be connected in series.

KAmodLSM303C modul.png
Basic features
  • LSM303C system (accelerometer and MEMS magnetometer) from STMicroelectronics
    • Accelerometer measuring range: ± 2 / ± 4 / ± 6 / ± 8 g
    • Magnetometer measuring range: ± 16 Gauss
    • 16 bit data output
    • Sleep mode/low power mode
    • Embedded temperature sensor
    • Communication interface: SPI/I2C
    • Programmable interrupt generators (with free fall, motion or magnetic field detection)
  • Through connector compatible with the Pmod standard, allows for serial connection of Pmod I2C modules
  • Connector compatible with the KAMAMI standard
  • Embedded jumpers enabling pull-up on I2C bus lines
  • Embedded jumper connecting the INT line of the system to the INT line of the Pmod connectors
  • Possibility of supply with voltage from 1.9 - 3.6 V through the Pmod connector and 1.9 - 5.5 V through the KAMAMI connector
  • Mounting holes with a diameter of 2.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 61.2 mm x 20.3 mm x 10 mm
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and launched module
KAmodLSM303C schemat.png
Output description - Pmod standard connector
KAmodLSM303C obrys zlacze.png
JP1 (male connector) JP2 (female connector) I2C SPI 3-wire
VDD VDD Power supply of module (max. 3.6 V)
SDA SDA Data line of I2C bus Data line of SPI bus (SDI/SDO)
SCL SCL Clock line of I2C bus Clock line of SPI bus (SPC)
Output description – KAMAMI standard connector
KAmodLSM303C obrys zlacza kamami.png
Pin number I2C SPI 3-wire
1 (VDD_5V) Power supply of module (max. 5.5 V)
2 (SCL) Clock line of I2C bus Clock line of SPI bus (SPC)
3 (SDA) Data line of I2C bus Data line of SPI bus (SDI/SDO)
4 (GND) Ground
I2C bus lines

The KAmodLSM303C module is equipped with jumpers enabling the connection of pull-up resistors to the VCC power pole to the I2C bus line. The jumpers give the possibility of independent enabled of the pull-up for the SDA and SCL lines.

KAmodLSM303C obrys i2c.png
INT interrupt line

The KAmodLSM303C module is equipped with a jumper to connect the INT_XL or INT_MAG interrupt output line to the connector compatible with the Pmod standard. Thanks to the ability to disconnect the KAmodLSM303C interrupt line from the Pmod connectors, the user does not have to worry about the consequences of any conflicts arising from connecting modules compatible with Pmod with different logic states.

KAmodLSM303C obrys int.png
Selection of communication bus

The KAmodLSM303C module has the option of choosing a communication bus between I2C and SPI. The selection of the active bus is done by soldering the jumper in the right place in the form of a 0R resistor on the board. By default, the module is configured for communication via the I2C bus.

KAmodLSM303C obrys spi i2c.png
KAmodLSM303C wymiary PCB.png
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