KAmodMIC_MEMS is a module with microphone SPV1840LR5H-B type. Thanks to embedded amplifier with hundredfold amplification of signal, output voltage can be measurement with using e.g. ADC converter in microcontroller. Module can be used by noise sensor or  monophonic VU-meter as well.

KAmodMIC MEMS modul.png
Basic features and parameters
  • Microphone SPV1840LR5H-B type (MEMS)
  • Embedded LMV321L amplifier from STMicroelectronics
  • Rail-to-rail amplifier type with hundredfold amplification of signal from microphone
  • Power supply voltage: 2.7V - 5V
  • Output voltage of module in silence is equal to a half of power supply voltage
  • Embedded low-pass filter with cutoff frequency 10.6kHz
  • Place for soldering of pin header
  • Mounting holes 3mm
  • Module size (without connector): 22.5mm x 9.3mm x 3mm
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and launched module
  • 3-Pin header (male and angle) for own soldering
Electrical schematic
KAmodMIC MEMS schemat.png
Outputs description
KAmodMIC MEMS obrys PCB.png
JP1 Function
VCC Module power supply
GND Ground of power supply / signal
OUT Signal output
Signal output

KAmodMIC MEMS module has embedded amplifier, which can increase the signal from MEMS microphone hundredfold. Constant value of amplifier is a half of power supply voltage and signal amplitude depends on noise level in environment. On photo below is shown examples sinusoidal sound, which was received with using KAmodMIC MEMS (power supply 3.3V).

KAmodMIC MEMS przebieg na wyjsciu.png
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