KAmodMMC Module allows easy and safety connection to any MMC and SD memory card digital system. It provides both compatible connector and bi-directional logic voltage conversion 3.3 V <- > 5 V.


Basic Features
  • all-purpose interface for SD and MMC cards
  • supply voltage: 5 V
  • on-board 3.3 V voltage regulator for SD /MMC cards supply
  • on-board logic voltage converter
  • maximal card clocking frequency: 13 MHz
  • supply voltage indicating LED
  • card insertion indicating LED
  • jumper for module – system terminals disconnection

Standard Equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and actuated module board

KAmodMMC sch.png

Board Layout
KAmodMMC pcb.png

Module Connection
KAmodMMC podl.png

CON1 connector description (according to 5V TTL and 3.3V TTL voltage levels)

Contact No. Contacts assignment Description (SD) Description (MMC) Connecting designation
1 +5 V (+) of supply voltage (5V recommended) (+) of supply voltage (5V recommended) Supply
2 DAT3 (CD/DAT3)/(DT3) D3 data line ChipSelect (0 active) Input /output
3 DAT2/(DT2) D2 data line - Input /output
4 CMD Command input line MOSI Input /output
5 DAT1/(DT1) D1 data line IRQ (option) Input /output
6 CLK Card clock signal input SCK Input
7 CDET Card in slot insertion signal output (0 active) Card in slot insertion signal output (0 active) Output
8 DAT0/(DT0) D0 data line MISO Input /output
9 WP Write protection signal output (0 active) Write protection signal output (0 active) Output
10 GND Supply ground Supply ground Supply

Indicating LEDs

Two indicating LEDs in this module are designed to signalize:

  • connected supply – PWR designated LED
  • SD or MMC card insertion into Con2 slot-connector – CD designated LED

KAmodMMC led.png

Module Control

JP1 jumper in this module, allows to connect (On – position) or disconnect (Off – position) 
SD /MMC card to /from mating system.

KAmodMMC jumper.png