KAmodNFC is an expansion board with M24LR64E-R chip – dynamic tag with 64kb EEPROM memory and dual communication interface (I2C / RF). On board is placed also signalization of energy harvesting function, which is in M24LR64E-R chip embedded.

KAmodNFC modul.png
Basic features and parameters
  • Chip M24LR64E-R - dynamic NFC tag / RFID from STMicroelectronics
  • Energy harvesting powers supply line on connector (+Vhr) with effciency max. 7mA
  • Embedded microstrip antenna, designed for work with frequency 13.56MHz
  • Connectors compatible with z Arduino UNO R3
  • Possibility of using another shield compatible with z Arduino UNO R3
  • Embedded tri color user RGB LED
  • Embedded module of work stabilization with energy harvesting
  • Mounting hole 3mm
  • Module size: 74mm x 52mm x 20mm
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and launched module
Electrical schematics
KAmodNFC schemat.png
View of PCB
KAmodNFC obrys.png
Output description
KAmodNFC opis wyprowadzen.png
M24LR64E-R - tag RFID / NFC chip

M24LR64E-R is a dynamic NFC / RFID tag with 64kb EEPROM memory and dual communication interface – is is possible to use I2C communication bus as well as a radio track. Chip has a energy harvesting function and cooperates with microstrip antenna, which was designed for work with frequency 13.56MHz.

KAmodNFC obrys M24LR64.png

Line Output Function
Arduino STM32
SCL D15 PB8 Clock line of I2C bus
SDA D14 PB9 Data line of I2C bus
RFWIP/BUSY D12 PA6 Write / busy signalization
KAmodNFC schemat M24LR64.png
Multicolor user LED

Embedded RGB user LED in SMD 5060 package make possible to signaling a variety of events by using three, controlled independent colors (red, green, blue).

KAmodNFC obrys dioda.png

Line Output Function
Arduino STM32
RGB LED R D5 PB4 Red LED color
RGB LED G D4 PB5 Green LED color
RGB LED B D2 PA10 Blue LED color
KAmodNFC schemat dioda.png
Energy harvesting

In chip M24LR64E-R embedded function of energy harvesting allows to wireless power supply of devices with low power consumption (max. 7mA), when antenna of module is placed enough near from transmitter antenna (which use CR95HF chip). Power supply with harvesting energy is activated with using jumper “Harvesting Power”. Indicator starts periodically blinking with D2 LED, when on line +Vhr appears harvesting voltage from RF track.

KAmodNFC obrys EH.png

KAmodNFC schemat EH.png

Video with presentation of KamodNFC module working

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