KAmodPCF8883T is a module with a capacitive touch sensor PCF8883 from NXP. The board is equipped with a Pmod GPIO standard connector with one digital output informing about the status of the sensor output depending on the selected operating mode. Due to its small dimensions, the product can be used in many development projects.

KAmodPCF8883T modul.JPG
Basic features and parameters
  • NXP PCF8883T chip
    • Dynamic proximity sensor
    • Wide input capacity range
    • Automatic calibration
    • Configurable operating mode (push-button, toggle, pulse)
    • Wide operating temperature range: -40oC to +85oC
  • Probe area placed on the PCB
  • Diode indicating the OUT output status
  • Connector compatible with the Pmod GPIO standard
  • Connector in accordance with the KAMAMI standard
  • Built-in jumpers for selecting the operating mode of the system
  • Possibility of supply with voltage from 3 to 9 V
  • Mounting holes with a diameter of 2.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 51.3 mm x 20.3 mm x 10 mm
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and launched module
Electrical schematics
KAmodPCF8883T schemat.png
Output description - Pmod standard connector
KAmodPCF8883T obrys zlacze.png
JP1 Function
6 (VDD) Power supply
5 (GND)
4 (OUT) Digital output
3 - -
2 - -
1 - -
Output description – KAMAMI standard connector
KAmodPCF8883T obrys zlacza kamami.png
Pin number Function
1 (VDD_5V) Power supply
2 - -
3 (OUT) Digital output
4 (GND) Ground
Choice of operating mode

The KAmodPCF8883T module is equipped with jumpers enabling configuration of the chip operation mode. One of three jumpers may be on. Allows you to select the system operation in the mode:

  • PB (Push Button) - the output is high as long as the probe event occurs
  • PUL (Pulse) - the event is active for 1 second after the event occurs on the probe
  • TOG (Toggle) - the occurrence of an event on the probe causes a change in the state on the output pin
KAmodPCF8883T obrys tryb pracy.png
Touch probe

The KAmodPCF8883T module has a built-in 10 x 6 mm touch probe.

KAmodPCF8883T obrys sonda.png
LED indicator

The KAmodPCF8883T module is equipped with a diode indicating the output pin status of the chip. It allows easy status reading and quick module diagnostics without the need to connect external circuits to the output pin.

KAmodPCF8883T obrys dioda.png
KAmodPCF8883T wymiary PCB.png
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