KAmodRS module is a voltage level converter which make possible to use serial transmission in the RS232 standard by digital systems operating in the 3...5V standard.



KAmodRS module with the MAX3232 chip is a voltage level converter. The module make possible for digital systems, working with voltages in the range from 3V to 5V, to obtain the voltage levels required for serial transmission in the RS232 standard.

Basic parameters
  • 10-pin goldpin connector for connection to a digital system
  • 9-pin female DB9 connector, e.g. for connection to a personal computer
  • Applied chip: MAX3232 (compatible with MAX232, adapted for a wider range of supply voltages)
  • Power supply voltage range: 3...5.5V
  • Maximum data transfer rate: 250 kbit/s

Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled module board

Kamod rs schemat.png

View of board
Kamod rs PCB.png

+V – positive terminal of power supply voltage (3..5.5 V)

GND – negative terminal of power supply voltage

TxD – transmission line of MAX3232

RxD – receiving line of MAX3232