KAmodRS485-3V3 and KAmodRS485-5V0 are modules with the ST485 / MAX485 chip, allowing the conversion of the UART bus to RS485. The board is equipped with a standard Pmod UART connector, allowing for easy connection of the module to development kits. Thanks to its small dimensions, the product can be used in many development projects.

KAmodRS485 modul.png
Basic Features and Parameters
  • MAX485 / ST485 chip
    • Convert UART signal to RS485
    • Low quiescent current: 300uA
  • Connector compatible with the Pmod UART standard
  • Built-in jumper to activate 120Ohm terminating resistor
  • Can be supplied with voltage from 3V-3.6V (3V3 version) or 4.75V-5.25V (5V0 version)
  • Mounting holes with a diameter of 2.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 61.2mm x 20.3mm x 10mm
Standard Equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and running module
Wiring diagram
KAmodRS485 schemat.png
Pinout description - Pmod standard connector
KAmodRS485 zlacze.png
JP1 (male connector) Function
VDD Power supply of the module
DE Driver enable
RO Receiver output (TX line)
DI Driver input (RX line)
RE Receiver enable
Termination Resistor Jumper

The KAmodRS485 module is equipped with a jumper that allows to connect a 120Ohm terminating resistor to the RS485 bus line.

KAmodRS485 terminator.png
RS485 bus outputs

The KAmodRS485 module outputs are led out on the screw and goldpin connector, which allows easy connection of the system to the bus.

KAmodRS485 wyjscia.png
External Dimensions
KAmodRS485 wymiary PCB.png
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