KAmodTEM makes it easy to use thermal sensor with any device equipped with I2C interface, it can also be used as thermostat.


Basic features
  • MCP9801 thermal sensor by Microchip
  • Programmable sensor resolution: 9 to 12 bits
  • Sampling frequency 4...33Hz
  • Capable of reading temperatures from –55 to +125°C
  • SMbus and I2C/400kHz interfaces
  • 3 configurable address lines (up to 8 modules on one I2C bus)
  • Address 1001xxx (xxx – A2/A1/A0 configurable by jumpers, default 000)
  • Alert output (thermostat, open-drain)
  • Supply voltage 2.7...5.5VDC
  • Built-in pull-up resistors for I2C
  • Built-in LED (for example can be used as alert indicator)
  • I2C Kamami standard connector (compatible with most of Kamami evaluation boards)

Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled module

KAmodTEM sch.png

Board Layout
KAmodTEM pcb.png


I2C bus (both lines with pull-up resistors) is available on Con1, Con2 and Con3 connectors. Pinout is shown on figure below.

KAmodTEM 1.png

Address Lines

Address lines (A2, A1, A0) are connected to Con4 pin header. Lines are pulled-down, so default module address is 1001000. You can change it by putting jumpers on Con4.

KAmodTEM 2.png

Alert output

Thermostat output of MCP9801 is connected to Con4 connector. It is open-drain output, so module is equipped qith pull-up resistor, which can be connected to AL line by PU jumper, AL output can be also used to control LED.

KAmodTEM 3.png

Module usage

KAmodTEM is equipped with Con1 i Con2 connectors, that can be used to connect module to KAMAMI evaluation boards with I2C connector (STM32Butterfly, ZL30ARM, ZL15AVR, ZL16AVR, ZL5PIC etc.).

Kamod polaczenie kamodtem.jpg