Evaluation Board for dipAVR Mini-module


ZL8AVR is a versatile evaluation board designed for engineers and hobbyists who want to prototype systems based on AVR ATmega microcontrollers. ZL8AVR is prepared to operate with dipAVR mini-modules (ZL7AVR, ZL12AVR). Board's configuration is complete and user can find on the board the following components: USB interface connector (for ZL1USB module), RS232 interface with DB9F connector, simple keyboard (4 buttons), 8 LEDs, JTAG connector and socket for LCD display (2x16 characters). ZL8AVR board comes with examples of Bascom programs.

  • RS232 interface (with level converter and DB9F connector)
  • JTAG connector
  • Built-in 5 V voltage regulator
  • Socket for LCD 2x16 character display (LCD1602 module)
  • 8 LEDs
  • MMC Flash card connector
  • 4 microswitches
  • Socket for USB interface (ZL1USB module)
  • Prototype design area
  • USB (5 V) or external (9...12 VDC) power supply

Contents of the package
Code Description
  • ZL8AVR board (without microcontrollers and LCD display)

Complete schematic

Circuit diagram is shown on Fig. 1. Recommended supply voltage is 9 VDC (9...12 VDC) connected via standard power jack or USB_PWR connector (selectable by JP8). Polarisation of input voltage is not important – bridge rectifier guarantees proper board operation in both cases.

Zl8avr sch1.jpg
Zl8avr sch2.jpg

Fig. 1. Complete electric schematic of ZL8AVR board

dipAVR module

JP2 and JP3 connectors make socket for dipAVT module with AVR microcontroller.

ZL7AVR - dipAVR module with ATmega128 microcontroller:

Zl8avr zl7avr.jpg

dipAVR module and ZL8AVR base board:

Zl8avr montaz.JPG

Zl8avr montaz 01.JPG

Zl8avr montaz 02.JPG
Power supply

ZL8AVR can be powered from:

  • power supply adaptor (9...12 VDC/VAC, 250 mA),
  • USB port.

Power supply source selection (jumper JP8 – PWR_SEL)

JP8 position EXT (2-3) USB (1-2)
Power supply source ...EXT_PWR (ZL4) ...USB_PWR (Gn2)

Zl8avr power pcb.JPG

Zl8avr power sch.JPG

ZL8AVR has 4 switches. SW2...4 are connected to microcontroller port lines as shown in table. SW1 can be used as universal button or reset button (you can set its function by setting JP13 jumper)

Buttons to microcontroller line assingment

AVR I/O line PD7 PD6 PD5 PD4 RES
Switch SW4 SW3 SW2 SW1 (Set by JP13 ) SW1 (Set by JP13 )

SW1 function

AVR I/O line PD4 RES
JP13 position PD4 RES

Zl8avr kb pcb.JPG

Zl8avr kb sch.JPG


ZL8AVR is equipped with 8 LEDs, that show states of port PC lines. Jumper JP7 lets you turn on/off LEDs .

JP7 (LED) settings

Position Description
On (1-2) LEDs D1...D8 show PC0...7 states
Off (2-3) LEDs D1...D8 disconnected

Connections between port PC lines and LEDs

AVR I/O line PC7 PC6 PC5 PC4 PC3 PC2 PC1 PC0
LED D8 D7 D6 D5 D4 D3 D2 D1

Zl8avr led pcb.JPG

Zl8avr led sch.JPG
Alphanumeric LCD display

Standard LCD display with HD44780 controller (LCD1602 module) can be mounted in W1 socket.

Connections between microcontroller and display module

AVR I/O line PA2 PA3 PA4 PA5 PA6 PA7
LCD module signal name RS E D4 D5 D6 D7
LCD module pin 4 6 11 12 13 14

Zl8avr lcd pcb.JPG

Zl8avr lcd sch.JPG

IRS232 and USB interfaces

ZL8AVR has two serial communication interfaces:

  • Built-in RS232 interface (voltage converter U2),
  • USB interface (eg. ZL1USB), optionally connected to JP11 header.

Depending on selected communication interface, lines PE0 and PE1 have to be configured by jumpers

Communication interface selectors (other jumpers configurations are not allowed)

Active port JP5 JP6 JP9 JP10
None Off Off - -

Zl8avr usb pcb.JPG

Zl8avr usb sch.jpg

MMC card connector

ZL8AVR is equipped with MMC card connector. You can use cards with I/O interfaces that operate with at least 3.3 V voltage.

Connections between microcontroller and MMC card

AVR I/O line PB0 PB1 PB2 PB3
AVR signal name /SS SCK MOSI MISO
MMC card line /CS CLK DataIn DataOut

Zl8avr mmc pcb.JPG

Zl8avr mmc sch.JPG

JTAG connector

ZL8AVR is equipped with JP12 connector, that allows you to connect JTAG interface. Pin layout is compatible with Atmel JTAG standard

Zl8avr jtag pcb.JPG

Zl8avr jtag sch.JPG

I/O headers
Zl8avr io pcb.JPG

Zl8avr io sch.JPG