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ZL40ARM is a single-board computer with STM32 (Cortex-M3) microcontroller. A large number of GPIO line allows to use it as universal microprocessor system with high computational efficiency, what is result from modern construction and high CPU frequency.

Zl40arm skos.jpg
Basic parameters
  • Microcontroller STM32F103VBT6, ARM Cortex-M3, 128 kB Flash, 20 kB RAM, LQFP100
  • Oscillator 8MHz
  • Microcontroller I/O line on goldpin connectors
  • JTAG interface connector (20-pins)
  • Power supply via USB (mini USB)
  • Jumper for boot way select
  • Reset button
  • I2C and SPI connectors compatibile with Kamami standard for additional modules
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled minicomputer
Electrical schematic
Zl40arm sch.png
Components placement
Zl40arm pcb.png
Zl40arm z gory.jpg
BOOT Jumpers

ZL40ARM board is equipped with BOOT0 and BOOT1 jumpers (JP6 and JP7) that make possible selection of memory for boot process of microcontroller (tab. 1).

Tab. 1. BOOT jumper settings and corresponding active start memory areas

BOOT 0 BOOT 1 Memory area
0 X Flash memory
1 0 System memory (bootloader)
1 1 RAM memory