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ZL5USB is a USB-UART converter module based on Silabs CP2102. It is especially recomended to use with the maXimator evaluation board. The module has small sizes, microUSB connector and it can works with the 2.5V-5.5V signals.

ZL5USB moduł.png
  • Silabs CP2102 UART-USB IC
  • Data transferring and power supply through the micro USB connector
  • Can work with the 2,5 V - 5,5 V buses
  • Signals SUSPEND, DTR, RTS, TXD, RXD connected to a jumper connector
  • Supply from USB is available on the jumper connector
  • Small sizes: 21mm x 20mm x 13mm
Code Description
  • Assembled and tested module
Wiring diagram
Schemat modułu ZL5USB.png
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