KAmodEXP1 module allows easy connection of 8-bit bidirectional I/O port expander to any system with SPI interface

Basic features
  • MCP23S08 I/O port expander (Microchip)
  • 8 GPIO bidirectional lines
* SPI interface (up to 10MHz)

  • Configurable SPI address (4 combinations)
  • Configurable interrupt output
  • 25 mA sink/source capability per I/O
* Operating voltage 1,8...5,5VDC

* Kamami standard SPI connector (compatible with most of Kamami evaluation boards)

Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled module

Kamodexp1 sch.png
Board layout
Kamodexp1 pcb.png

SPI lines (without pull-up resistors!) are available on Con1 and Con2 connectors. Pinouts are shown on figure below.

KAmodexp1 sp.png

Expander GPIO lines are available on 10-pin IDC connector. Pinout is shown on figure below.

KAmodexp1 gpio.png
Address lines

MCP23S08 address lines (A1 and A0) are connected to JP0 and JP1 jumpers. Both address lines have pull-up resistors.

KAmodexp1 adr.png
Module connection

KAmodEXP1 is equipped with two connectors Con1 and Con2, that can be used to connect module to KAMAMI evaluation boards with SPI connector (STM32Butterfly, ZL30ARM, ZL15AVR, ZL16AVR, ZL5PIC etc.). For this purpose you can use CAB_HU06-30 cable available at

Kamodexp1 zl.jpg