KAmodGYRO is a 3-axis gyroscope with SPI i I2C interfaces. The module is based on L3G4200D chip from STMicroelectronics. It allows to make a measurement of angle velocity in every of three axis.

Basic parameters
  • 3-axis gyroscope L3G4200D
  • Power supply voltage 2.4V–3.6V
  • SPI and I2C interfaces (connectors compatible with Kamami standard)
  • Output data in resolution 16 bit
  • Three measurement ranges to choose (250, 500, 2000 dps)
  • High stability against time and temperature
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Embedded low- and highpass filters
  • High shock resistance
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled module board

Electrical schematic
Kamodgyro sch.png
View of board
Kamodgyro pcb.png
SPI connector

Con2 connector is a SPI connector in Kamami standard (compatible with i.a. ZL15AVR, ZL30ARM, cable CAB_HU06). SPI interface is also available on Con1 connector. On Con1 are interrupt outputs pins of L3G4200D (INT1 i INT2) additional available.

Kamodgyro pcb SPI.png
Cab hu04.jpg
I2C connector

KAmodGYRO module is equipped with I2C interface on Con3, Con4 and Con5 connectors. Location of lines on Con4 and Con5 connectors are compatible with Kamami standard (i.a. z ZL15AVR, ZL30ARM, cable CAB_HU04). By using I2C interface can be used Con6 connector with interrupt generator outputs.

Kamodgyro pcb I2C.png
Cab hu04.jpg