SilicaProg is a universal programmer-configurator for ISP that allows programming of CPLD and FPGA from Xilinx. It cooperates with i.a. the free WebPack toolkit, it is compatible with the standard Xilinx programmer called Parallel Cable III (DLC 5).

Silica prg.jpg

Silica prg2.jpg
Basic features and equipment of programmer
  • compatibile with Parallel Cable III (DLC 5) from Xilinx;
  • cooperate with Xilinx toolkit (i.a.. WebPack);
  • power supply: 3,3...5,5 V (supplied from the programmed chip);
  • programs CPLD systems and configurators of FPGA, configures FPGA – all from Xilinx;
  • output iterface: JTAG;
  • output connector: IDC10 (signal placement compatible with boards and modules dipPLD from;
  • LED indicates power supply enabling;
  • connects to the printer port PC.

Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Assembled and launched JTAG interface
  • Connection cable with IDC10 connector length 30 cm

Placement of components

The placement of the most important programmer elements is shown in the figure below.

SilicaProg en rys1.png
JTAG connector

The placement of signals in the JTAG output socket is shown in the figure below. It is compatible with the standard used in all sets with PLD systems produced by The length of the connection cable should not exceed 1 m (the cable included with the programmer is 30 cm long).

SilicaProg en rys2.png
Cooperation with PC

The programmer is connected to the computer's parallel printer interface. It is not recommended to use between the PC connector and programmer additional extension cable. They may prevent the programmer from working correctly.