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An innovate programmer--debugger with the USB interface. It supports the STM32 microcontrollers thru SWD interface. ZL30PRGv2-1 is fully compatible with the STMicroelectronics ST-Link/V2-1. It also has the function of USB-UART converter.

The programmer is working with the PC using USB interface. The ZL30PRGv2-1 is supported by popular IDE's: uVision (by Keil/ARM, for STM32), IAR Embedded Workbench (by IAR, for STM32), True Studio (by Atollic, for STM32), VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M (by TASKING, for STM32).

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  • embedded IDC20 female connector,
  • allows to flash and debug STM32 microcontrollers
  • fully compatbile with the ST-Link/V2-1 (STMicroelectronics),
  • it works with: µVision (Keil), IAR Embedded Workbench (IAR), True Studio (Atollic), VX-toolset for ARM Cortex-M (TASKING),
  • embedded microUSB connector,
  • an USB-UART function (with pinout compatble with KAMAMI KAmodRS),
  • supplied thru USB,
  • possibility of firmware upgrade
  • target Voltages range:
    • SWD: 1.65...3.6V,
  • Working temperature range: 0...50°C.
Standard equipment
Code Description
  • Programmer
  • USB A/B-micro cable
Connecting the programmer to a STM32 target device

SWD signals for programming and debugging the STM32 targets are present on the IDC20 connector. Its pin-out is compatbile with the industrial 20-pin JTAG standard (as illustrated on the drawings below), so the programmer could work with any STM32 evaluation boards which uses IDC20 JTAG connector (ZL27ARM, ZL30ARM, STM32Butterfly – Kamami, Keil/ARM evaluation boards, etc).


The programmer does not support JTAG interface!

Zl30prgv2-1 03.JPG

ZL30PRGv2-1 is powered from the USB connector. The supply voltage is not forwarded to the programmed/debugged target, so it needs to be supplied externally.

Zl30prgv2-1 04 en.JPG
Interfacing UART signals to the programmer

The programmer has a Virtual COM Port (VCOM) option. RxD and TxD signals are available on the connector (as illustrated on the photo below). The drilled pads allow to solder-in Goldpin headers. By this function, the programmer can replace the KAmodRS module.

Zl30prgv2-1 05.jpg
Additional information

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