ZL31ARM board with STM32 microcontroller (Cotrex-M3 core) and built-in ST-Link programmer/debugger is a complete hardware environment for developing first ARM designs.

Basic features
  • STM32F103RB microcontroller (Cortex-M3 core), 128kB Flash, 20kB RAM, USB, CAN, 3×UART, 2×I2C, 2×SPI, ADC, LQFP64 package
  • 8MHz crystal resonator
  • Built-in ST-Link programmer/debugger with USB interface
  • Programmer can be broken off and used as standalone device
  • Two LEDs
  • 5-position joystick
  • Analog potentiometer connected to microcontroller’s ADC
  • Reset button
  • I2C and SPI Kamami standard connectors
  • Microcontroller I/O lines available on pin headers
  • Supplied from USB

Standard equipment
Kod Opis
  • Assembled board with programmer
ZL31ARM en schemat.png
Power supply

ZL31ARM is powered from computer's USB port, PWR LED indicates whether board is supplied.

ZL31ARM zasilanie pcb.png
Board layout
ZL31ARM pcb.png

ZL31ARM is equipped with 5-position joystick. All joystick lines have pull-up resistors.

ZL31ARM joystick pcb.png

ZL31ARM joystick sch.png

Joystick to microcontroller connection

Position Microcontroller line
Up PC0
Right PC3
Botton PC1
Left PC2
Enter PB5

ZL31ARM board is equipped with two LEDs (lit by low logic level).

ZL31ARM led pcb.png

ZL31ARM led sch.png

LED to microcontroller connection

Dioda Microcontroller line
Analog potentiometer

ZL31ARM board is equipped with P1 potentiometer, that controls voltage (0-3.3V) on microcontrollers ADC input (PB0 line).

ZL31ARM poten pcb.png

ZL31ARM potenc sch.png
I2C connector

ZL31ARM has Con7/I2C connector for external devices with I2C bus. SDA (PB7) and SCL (PB6) lines have pull-up resistors.

ZL31ARM I2C pcb.png

ZL31ARM I2C sch.png
SPI connector

ZL31ARM board is equipped with Con6/SPI connector for external devices with SPI bus. All SPI lines have pull-up resistors.

ZL31ARM SPI pcb.png

ZL31ARM spi sch.png

SPI lines are connected to the microcontroller as described below

SPI line Microcontroller line
I/O pin headers

Some I/O lines are connected to Con1, Con2, Con4 and Con5 pin headers. Every pin header has also +3.3V and GND pins.

ZL31ARM io pcb.png

ZL31ARM io sch.png
Programmer/debugger (ST-Link)

Part of ZL31ARM is programmer/debugger with USB interface. Programmer is compatible with ST-Link by STM, it is supported by following IDEs:

  • Keil μVision
  • IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Atollic TrueSTUDIO
  • STMicroelectronics STVP
  • STMicroelectronics STM32 ST-Link Utility

Out of the box programmer is joined to evaluation board, but it can be broken off and used with other STM32 evaluation boards. To use programmer as separate device you need to equip it with JP1 pin header (1x6 pin) to connect it to programmed devices. Evaluation board can be equipped with JP2 pin header, that can be connected pin-to-pin to JP1. PRG LED indicates programming.

ZL31ARM progr pcb.png

Zl31arm z gory.jpg