ZL32PRG - Kamami USB Blaster PRO


ZL32PRG - Kamami USB Blaster PRO is a programmer and configurator for PLD's manufactured by Altera. It is fully compatible with USB Blaster, then it can operate with a commercial and evaluation versions of the Altera Quartus project packet.

The ZL32PRG - Kamami USB Blaster PRO is a functional equalivent to the USB Blaster interface manufactured by Altera. Using this, You can in-system program CPLD's and configurator's Flashes (with ISP interface). Also, it can configure FPGA devices. The programmer uses a USB port.

ZL32PRG Kamami USB Blaster PRO.jpg
  • Can configure and program every CPLD, FPGA and memories-configurators made by Altera
  • Standard connector IDC10, compatible with Altera recomendations
  • Additional connector for direct connection to a target board
  • Logic levels on the output connector are compatible with TTL-LV, TTL, CMOS5, CMOS33.
  • Powered from USB port (microUSB connector)
Code Description
ZL32PRG - Kamami USB Blaster PRO
  • Assembled and tested programmer
  • Ten conductors IDC10 cable (lenght: 0.3m/11.8inch)
  • USB A/B-micro cable

The ZL32PRG - Kamami USB Blaster PRO connects to a PC with microUSB connector. Target board may be connected with IDC10 cable or directly to the programmer

Opis wyprowadzeń ZL32PRG APJ.png

Check this colour graph above for signals pinout in modes:

  • JTAG mode
  • AS mode
  • PS mode
PWR/ACT diode

Bi-color PWR/ACT diode shows programmer status. Red colour of this LED indicates operation, the green colour indicates activity.

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